За хотела

The resort is situated on 2 of the most breathtaking beaches on the island of Mahé, and overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay, this beautiful landscape is the stunning backdrop for Constance Ephelia Resort. This resort has 5 dinning options. Helios 'Mediterranean', Adam & Eve - 'Ethnic Grill' ,Cyann 'Signature Cuisine' , Seselwa 'Cuisine des Iles'. This is a traditional resort style building not more than 2 floor above groud level. spreading though out 120 hectare of lush vegetation. This Resort has a larget sized lobby, Surrounded by a resort styled decor made of mainly wood. The resort is an ideal property for families, with 5 restaurants, 6 bars, 4 swimming pool and various indoor / outdoor facilities catering to all age groups.

141906 ХОТЕЛА

PLANET TRAVEL CENTER предлага 141906 хотела в 208 държави по цял свят на най-добрите цени!


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