Terms of Service

1. Terms

General conditions - This is a type of contract between the user and Planet EOOD, with which the user viewing or using the Planet website is obliged to be familiar. In this text, these general conditions may be referred to as the 'Agreement' or the 'Agreement'.

Service - In these General Terms of Use, service means the hotel accommodations provided by Planet, air tickets, excursions, packages, car rental, insurance, cruise excursions and any additional excursions and travel services that the company offers through its suppliers.

Service provider – A partner company of Planet EOOD, with which it works, in order to provide the given service. Partners can be hotels, tour operators, cruise companies, car rental companies, airline companies and others in the field of tourist services.

Online reservation - The process that the user of the website carries out to book the desired service through the functions of the website - reserve the relevant service, fill in the user's data in order to reserve it, pay for the desired service online and online or physically on site in office receiving the documents required by the user, for confirmation and use of the relevant service.

Service with 'Book now' status - These are all services on the site that you can book immediately because the availability you are looking for is available.

Service with the status 'Send an inquiry' - These are all services on the site that are subject to additional confirmation by us to make sure that there is still availability of the search you want.

Planet EOOD is equivalent in these General Terms and Conditions to 'we', 'the Website', 'the site', 'Planet', 'Planet Travel Center'

2. Website usage

To use the services provided on our site, you must:

- You are 18 years old.

- You use the website and its services according to the General Terms and Conditions stated therein.

- You are using our website to make actual bookings for you or for a person you have authorized to book for them.

- You inform your authorized person about the General Terms and Conditions of the site and the services booked on it.

- If you are a registered user on the site, keep your access data safe in order to prevent reservations made from your account. If this happens with your data, but it is not you or a user authorized by you who made the relevant reservations, then Planet EOOD is not responsible if no one contacted the company before the service took place or was paid for.

3. Subject of our service

Through our website www.planet.bg, we provide our users with an online platform through which all types of services offered by us (hotel reservations, plane tickets, cruises, excursions, rent-a-car) can be booked via the Internet. We present these services on our site through the systems of our partners, drawing real-time availability and prices.

The information about the services we provide is based on the information provided to us automatically via the extranet by our suppliers, except in cases where this supplier is Planet EOOD.

We do not guarantee that absolutely every detail of the information provided by our supplier is true, accurate or complete and we are not responsible for errors (both express and printed), for interruptions in the Internet connection, interruptions due to maintenance of our website, for inaccurate , misleading, false or incomplete information in the case of a service provided automatically on our site through our provider's system.

Each relevant service provider remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the information (including size and availability) it displays on our website. Our site does not constitute and should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of the quality, level of service, qualification or evaluation of any accommodation or other service.

Our services are made available for personal and non-commercial use only. It is not allowed to resell, use, copy, monitor, download or reproduce files, information, software, products and services, without the express consent and agreement with Planet EOOD.

4. Prices and cancellation policy

The website www.planet.bg has prices in both BGN and EUR. The calculation of the prices indicated in euros is carried out at the fixed rate of euro to BGN 1.95583. For each service (hotel accommodation, plane ticket, excursion, car rental, etc.), it is indicated whether the corresponding price is for the entire stay, whether it is per person or per room, what it includes and whether it is final. The amount that the client pays when making his reservation is final, for the entire requested stay, for all tourists and includes VAT. For hotel reservations, city taxes are paid on the spot upon leaving the hotel and their value is different, depending on the location. Planet.bg is not responsible if the user finds a lower price for a reception at a hotel or another website than the one on our site.

Planet EOOD is an intermediary of the service between its partner and its client/user of the website. At any time through his profile, the user can check the status of the cancellation terms of the reservations made by him, and if he fails to do this online, he can contact the company in one of the ways indicated in the Contacts section of the site and get relevant information. The Company practices a strict cancellation policy as follows:

- For hotel reservations and excursions - In many cases, a given price is non-refundable, which means that after booking online, cancellation is not possible. In all other cases: If the cancellation occurs 10 working days or less than 10 working days before the check-in date, the deduction from the paid reservation is 100%. If the cancellation occurs between 21 working days and 10 working days before check-in, 50% of the hotel reservation amount is deducted. If the cancellation occurs more than 21 working days before the check-in date, no cancellation fee is charged.

- In rare cases, some hotels follow their own strict cancellation policy different from that of Planet - in these cases the cancellation policy will be explicitly mentioned in the offer!

- For organized trips - From 60 to 45 days before the date of the trip - in the amount of the deposit. From 44 to 31 days before the date of the trip – 50% of the total cost of the trip. From 30 to 15 days before the date of the trip – 80% of the total cost of the trip. With less than 14 days before the date of the trip – 100% of the total cost of the trip.

- When it comes to airplane tickets and car rentals, the cancellation policies of Planett's partners providing air services are extremely strict. That's why the cancellation of an already issued and purchased plane ticket is not possible, regardless of whether the request for cancellation arises long before the flight.

- In the case of insurances, cancellation is not possible. Strict cancellation policy.

- Extraordinary cases - If there is a request for cancellation caused by a health problem or other force majeure situations, Planet EOOD will do everything necessary to be able to recover 100% of the amount paid by the user. For this purpose, in most cases, a document confirming the force majeure situation is required - for example, a doctor's note. Planet EOOD cares about its customers very much and will do everything possible to satisfy the cancellation/change request of its customers.

5. Unable to accommodate

In rare cases, it is possible for Planet to receive a refusal from the hotel to carry out the corresponding accommodation that the customer has already paid for. Possible situations are earlier closing or later opening of the respective hotel or other force majeure circumstances. In such cases, Planet undertakes to offer alternative accommodation. In case of refusal by the client, Planet undertakes to return the amount paid by the client within 30 days after the client's refusal, received in writing. Amounts are returned by bank transfer only, cash refunds are not possible. In case the payment was made with a bank card, the refund is made by ordering a reverse operation on the card with which the payment was made within 14 working days.

Planet EOOD is not responsible for non-performance or inaccurate performance of this Agreement if the reasons for this are due to the user actions of a third party unrelated to the Agreement unforeseeable events and force majeure on the part of Planet or its counterparties

In the event that the client has not made a payment or has violated the payment terms, but has not notified the company that he will not travel, the agency has the right, without the consent of the client, to cancel the reservation. In this case, the agency is not responsible to the client and does not owe compensation or penalties.

6. Changes to names, dates, room types and other parameters upon reservation

If the user wishes to make a change to a reservation he has already made, he must contact Planet as early as possible before the departure/check-in date to request the necessary changes. These changes are made only and only on the basis of Request and in writing and it is possible that they will not be implemented.

Planet reserves the right to reject the requested changes if its partner (hotel, tour operator or other) rejects the change. If, as a result of the inability to change and reluctance to travel on the part of the user for this reason, Planet EOOD is not obliged to return the amount of the unfulfilled reservation. Such claims shall be made in writing to Planet and shall be dealt with on an individual basis.

7. Categorization of accommodation facilities

The hotel categorization published on our website is the official classification of each accommodation facility. Planet is not responsible if the customer considers that the given categorization does not correspond to the officially announced one. For such cases or disputes, the user should contact the accommodation facility directly. In rare cases, it is possible that the categorization information provided by Planet's partner company is wrong, and Planet is not responsible for such an error, and when notified by a hotel or client, it will correct the information as quickly as possible.

8. Types of payments

The aim and idea of creating this flexible online booking website is to make it as easy as possible for the customer. That's why we decided to offer our users all possible types of payments to save time.

- Payment online with a bank card - Payment is made through a link to an online payment platform, where the user makes the payment by providing the Planet EOOD partner with their bank details. Planet EOOD does not keep or administer bank card data, precisely because the payment itself does not take place on its own platform, but on a partner platform certified as having the right to operate with the relevant data.
- Payment through the EasyPay system - Convenient and easy payment in cash at the cash registers of the EasyPay network. Find the nearest Izipey cash desk here: http://www.easypay.bg/?p=offices
- Payment by bank transfer – Secure payment by bank transfer to the Planet bank accounts specified during booking.
- Payment through the Epay.bg system - If you are a registered user of the Epay payment system, you can conveniently pay for the service you want through your profile.
- Pay via ATM - Pay quickly and easily. We will provide you with a code that you enter at the ATM, from where you can use your card to pay for our service.
- Payment at a Planet Travel Center office - you are welcome to pay us directly at one of our offices.

9. Additional correspondence

In order to be notified as much as possible about your reservation, Planet.bg confirms the services requested by the user not only through the user profile, but also through the user email specified by the customer during registration. In addition to correspondence regarding a reservation, by providing their email address, the user agrees to receive information about promotions or news from the Planet.bg site.

The user has the right to always unsubscribe from receiving news through a link in the newsletter he receives from his profile on the website or by writing to us at info@planet.bg

10. Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise stated the software for our services the content and information on our website are the property of Planet EOOD or its suppliers Users do not have the right without the express consent or contractual relationship with Planet EOOD to copy resell promote integrate content from Planet.bg in other places on the Internet and beyond

Any illegal use or any of the actions or behavior mentioned above will constitute a violation of the intellectual property and copyright of the company Planet EOOD or its partner.

11. Additional provisions

Disputes and complaints

If there is a need to resolve a dispute, Planet EOOD wants to reach an agreement with its customers before they turn to the relevant institutions. In case of complaints or a desire to resolve a problem, our customers are free to contact us to resolve the issue quickly and smoothly.

If a dispute that has arisen is not resolved between the two parties without the intervention of a relevant authority, then to the extent permitted by law, these terms and conditions for the provision of our services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Bulgarian law and any disputes arising from these terms and compliance or their non-compliance should be resolved according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In the event that the User's claims related to the quality of the provided service are not presented on the spot during the provision of the service, the User has the right to submit a duly formed complaint to Planet EOOD in writing within 14 days of his return, at the offices on Planet or by email. The user is obliged to provide a protocol (complaint), signed by a representative of the Hotel, the administration of the object providing the tourist service, and by himself, indicating details of his complaint and describing the situation in detail. Without such a bilaterally signed protocol or complaint, the User cannot make any claims against Planet EOOD. Planet EOOD undertakes to submit the submitted claims to the HOTEL within a period of one month from the date of the User's departure, after which to continue correspondence with the client until the dispute is resolved.

Alternative methods for solving an arising dispute - ODS platform https://ec.europa.eu


Language versions of the website The original version of this website (in Bulgarian) can also be translated into other languages. In the event of a dispute regarding the content or interpretation of any translated version, it must be considered that the original (Bulgarian) version prevails and prevails regarding the rights and obligations of the user and the company. Any user can access the Bulgarian version by selecting it from the top right corner of the Planet.bg home page.

If any of the stated provisions or conditions become unenforceable the user must remain bound by all other existing legal provisions